December 9, 2009

Mahaffey's Update

If you aren't already, you really need to be on Mahaffey's email list, owner Wayne's sidebar rants in the emails are interesting and he rips off a good one this week about the animated Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Anyway.

1)Tonight's bomber is Heavy Seas Yule Tide, $10

2)They still have a few more 1.5 L bottles of Anchor Christmas for $16.50 and a handful of 3L bottles of Troegs Mad Elf and Stone Double Bastard at $65 per.

3)Coming soon: Lancaster Winter Warmer (cask), Corsendonk Christmas, Stoudt's new winter beer, Harpoon Winter Warmer & more. Plus, watch for the rotating Dogfish Head Tap 'which will bring us nothing under 15%'.

4)Apologies for the cancellation of the winter beer tasting, but they're proud to announce Mahaffey's and Captain Thom's will present the Fiery Foods and Beer Dinner coming up in January, details coming up next week.

And this special message:

"Have a great, safe week ninjas. Life is good"

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