December 28, 2009

Max's Tuesday Beer Social 12-29-09

On Tuesday they'll be featuring the Lammin Sahti brewery from Finland. They used huge wooden mash tuns and the 7.7% ABV beer is filtered with a bed of juniper twigs. It has flavors of banana, clove, toffee and is balanced with notes of licorice in the nose and juniper in the finish. It is treated like cask ale, live and very perishable. It is shipped, stored and served cold.

As always, the beer social starts on Tuesday at 6 PM in the Mobtown Lounge upstairs.

On the Beer Engines:
Olivers Merry Ole Ale
Lagunitas Brown Shugga
Hebrew Bittersweet Lenny RIPA
Klosterbrau Ettal Curator
Hitachino Espresso Stout
Hebrew Jewbelation 13
Buffalo Stout
Valier Blonde
Silly Enghien Noel
Van Steenberge Kloekke Roeland
Pausa Cafe PILS
Pausa Cafe Chicca
Pausa Cafe Tosta
Boulder Never Summer (Nitro)
Baladin Nora
Baladin Al Ikir
Baladin Super Baladin
Einbecker Winter Bock
Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout
Ommegang Abbey
RJ Rockers First Snow
Weyerbacher Hotel
Allagash Black

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