January 27, 2010

Beer Events, Condensed

1/28 TBD Firkin at Frisco Grille
1/28 Boulder Brewing Co. event at Max's + Firkin TH at Max's
1/29 Flying Dog event at Callahans in Frederick MD
1/29 Firkin (Anarchy Ale) at Franklin's
1/30 Gilly's "Noble Pils" Sam Adams event

2/1 Great Divide event at Victoria Gastro Pub
2/1 (all week) Muggsy's "week of the 100,000 mugs"
2/1 Troegs Nugget Nectar officially released on tap
2/2 Pratt Street Ale House "cask ale social" and Bishops Indulgence release
2/3 Flying Dog pint night at Frisco Grille
2/4 Flying Dog Tweetup/"Bitch Session" various locations
2/4 Rams Head Tavern "Spring Buck" (Belgian blonde) release - all locations
2/5 Firkin events at Alonso's and Muggsy's
2/7 Flying Dog 'Bowl Bash' at Frederick Indoor Sports Center
2/9 "New Brew" at Franklin's
2/10 Allagash beer dinner at Victoria Gastro Pub + Fluxus, Interlude, Hugh Malone, Victor, Black on tap
2/12-2/14 Max's Belgian Beer Fest (!)
2/16 Fat Tuesday Abita event at Victoria Gastro Pub
2/17 Flying Dog "meet the brewers" event at Kooper's in Fells Point
2/17-2/18 DuClaw Serum (DIPA) release events
2/20 Flying Dog bus trip at T-Bonz

3/4 Flying Dog "Bitch Session"/Tweetup various locations
3/4 Ram's Head Annapolis beer dinner - Fordham Brewing Co.
3/5 Firkin events at Alonso's (Flying Dog!) and Muggsy's
3/9 Unibroue beer dinner at Victoria Gastro Pub
3/9 Flying Dog "Beer Club" event at Lures
3/27 Heavy Seas Real Ale Fest
3/27 Cask Ale Fest at Pratt Street Ale House

4/1 ... (?) firkin event at Frisco Grille
4/2 Firkin event at Alonso's, Muggsy's
4/10 Pyrate Invasion in Fells Point
4/21 Allagash owner Rob Tod "meet and greet" and pint night at Frisco Grille
4/24 City Paper Brew Fest in Fells Point

Mondays - Beer Club events at Victoria Gastro Pub
Tuesdays - Cask night at Pratt Street Ale House; Beer Social at Max's
Wednesdays - "Pint Night" at Frisco Grille
Thursdays - Firkin Thursday events at Frisco Grille, Max's and Metropolitan Coffeehouse
Sundays - 1/2 price draft beers after 930 PM at Victoria Gastro Pub

Just a *taste* of whats going on in the coming months. Send me an email to provide updates of what else is going on, thanks!


Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Thanks for the condensed version.
I know I'm old, but I made it obvious when I had to ask what a 'Tweet-up' was.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Left off the weekly list:
Tuesdays: Cask Night at Pratt Street Ale House, Baltimore; Beer Social at Max's Taphouse, Baltimore.
Thursdays: Firkin Thursdays at Metropolitan Coffeehouse, Federal Hill, Baltimore.

BeerGuy said...


No worries.


HUGE thanks, I've reflected your changes on here!