February 23, 2010

Amusing Frisco Grille Anecdote

One of the main bartenders at Frisco Grille, Oliver, tells me that he can tell when customers have read Baltimore Beer Guy or HowChow because they'll ask for the 'secret menu'.

Its actually labeled 'Adaptations and New Items' and has some delicious offerings on there but its a bit wordy for my liking. So, 'secret menu' it is. Because at one time it was sort of secret, more word of mouth than anything but they've since made it part of the regular menu, albeit as part of a flier that comes with the menu.

Most people I talk to seem to go wild for the Steak Sammich but I'm more a sucker for the stupidly simple yet delicious BBQ chicken tacos or the Adam Bowl. I mention Frisco Grille a lot on here but don't say enough about the menu, its a real treat with a surprising amount of diversity beyond their staple burritos (which are themselves wonderful and able to be customized just about any way imaginable).

Just the other day they tried something new, offering their taquitos to be made from flour tortillas instead of the normal corn tortillas. Keep in mind these are a little different from what we traditionally think of taquitos: larger, more flavorful with a delicious side dipping sauce. The flour ones came out extra large, with a crunchy outside and nice layer of soft, doughy inside covering the meat filling (either chicken or beef).

Anyway, the food is another reason to give Frisco Grille a try.


Amelios said...

I'm one of those people who told Oliver that I read about it on BBG :)

BBQ Chicken Tacos for me... Mmmmm!

BeerGuy said...


Man now I'm itching for the BBQ chicken tacos ... gotta get in there soon.

Caederus said...

My favorite is the fish taco's with the green sauce. Yum....

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...
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Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Last month I was half getting over a cold, ordered The Adam Bowl added some extra Sriracha, cleared the sinuses....and had a Racer 5 to cool it down.
I'm not a doctor (but I play one on the Internets) but that is my prescription.

Tim said...

Step 1. Pick something on the menu

Step 2. Does it include Chorizo? (If "Yes" than proceed to Step 4)

Step 3. Add Chorizo to it

Step 4. Consume it with the hoppiest beer on tap that day.

Jonathon said...

I had an Adam Bowl last night; Sans sour-cream. Excellent addition to the menu.

BeerGuy said...

Yeh the Adam Bowl is the easiest way to clear up the sinuses, no question!


LOL. You and many others there follow pretty much the same pattern.