February 22, 2010

Monday Beer Madness in HoCo

1)T-Bonz in Ellicott City is debuting its first ever firkin event, featuring Heavy Sea's brand new Siren Noire, a chocolate stout. Scoot on down there and try for yourself Heavy Seas' first offering since the re-branding. You'll hear more about T-Bonz on here very soon. For now, just know they just put Flying Dog's Raging Bitch and the extremely limited Kerberos Tripel on tap.

2)Pratt Street Ale House takes its wares to Victoria Gastro Pub, starting at 5 PM. Brewmaster Stephen Jones will be on hand with the debut of his brand new Biere de Garde on cask. In a departure for PSAH, the beer was fermented with Belgian ale yeast, which should make this a rare treat.

They'll also have The Bishop's Indulgence, Strongman Pale Ale and Coventry Cream Ale on tap. Victoria just added Boulder Mojo Risin' IPA (nitro), Southern Tier Choklat, Duvel Green and Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout on tap.

3)Don't forget about Frisco Grille and The Judges Bench!


Caederus said...

You forgot Ellicott Mills (directly across from Judges Bench). Nothing spectacular but some solid beer.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Are Frisco and/or Bench doing anything special Monday nights?

BeerGuy said...


Them too!


Nothing on Mondays that I'm aware of at Frisco or The Bench. Once in a blue moon Frisco Grille brings out its Randall The Enamel Animal hop filter on Monday but nothing scheduled this week for that.

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Good beers at Victoria's last night with the Oilver's/Pratt Street folks. They had a pin of the Biere de Garde on the bar that was very good....not to mention full english pint pours of Bishop's Indulgence. Steve said they will have another cask of Biere de Garde at Metropolitan on Thursday.