March 10, 2010

Frisco Grille 2.0

Several pics of Frisco Grille's tentative floor plan shown to customers by owner Adam Carton. There will be a longer, more spacious bar with an interesting presentation area bisecting it.

The dining area will be about the same size but set a little bit further from the bar. Overall more spacious and open with plenty of parking at the side and an easier to find location along Dobbin road.

One more cool feature: an in-house brewing facility adjacent to the entrance. That has potential, no?


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Are they getting a brewpub license? Please, please, let them get the license first before they buy any equipment (anyone remember the Bare Bones fiasco in Cockeysville?).......

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Good looking bathrooms. Space looks big I can't really make out more than the bathrooms. By 'presentation area' do you mean a area for bands and the like? Is the 'U' shaped mass in the center the bar? It's kinda hard to make out some of the interior stuff. I hope Adam will bring the plans out on Firkin Thursday.

BeerGuy said...

The presentation area is in the middle of the bar, sort of U-shaped yeh. There are no seats there there so a brewer or speaker could stand there and speak inbetween the two segments/flanks of the bar at least that's how I understand it.

Also in that middle section will be the beer engine (IIRC) and an area to put firkins.

I forget where the band space was to be located.