March 23, 2010

Heavy Seas Big DIPA Beer Social At Max's

This Tuesday, Max's will feature local stars Heavy Seas showing off their Big DIPA double IPA on tap and on cask. The Clipper City crew will be on hand, and festivities will kick off at 6 PM in the Mobtown Lounge.

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
Olivers 3 Spires
Flying Dog Doggie Style
Avery Mephistopheles
Blaugies La Moneuse Special Winter
Cazeau Tournay
Contreras Valeir Blonde
Contreras Valeir Extra
Fruli Strawberry
Fullers Mr Harry
Italiano Tipo Pils
Lagunitas Wilco Tanco Foxtrot
Otter Creek Raspberry Brown
RJ Rockers Son of A Peach
Smuttynose Big A IPA
Southern Tier 422
Southern Tier Iniquity
Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly
The Bruery Rogbrod
The Bruery Saison De Lente
Troegs Nugget Nectar
Unibroue Trois Pistoles


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Yeah, but you missed two other Heavy Seas events in the same vicinity!

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

I guess we all know now why Sandy has the City Paper's Best Drinking Blog in Baltimore.

Steve said...

That's a nice tap list. Have you had fresh Saison de Lente recently? I know some people who say they love it fresh rather than when there's some age on it when the brett kicks in.

I've been wanting to taste that Lagunitas WTF. Lemme know how it is if you try it.

You ever drink much of that Smutty Big A IPA? The bottle I had once was crazy aggressive. Almost too much, if that could ever happen. Smutty makes some great beers, more than solid brewery to have as a semi-local.

Hop Stoopid on a beer engine? hmmm, another wasted batch of a great hoppy beer.

BeerGuy said...


Nope, haven't had the Saidon de Lente lately :( I haven't bought a bottle of anything in a while now and until now its only been in bottle out here. Might seek that out if I am downtown soon.

I thought the WTF was just OK mind you it was at the end of the Flying Dog event at Victoria, hops masked pretty much everything subtle by then although the Frisco employees really liked it said its a hoppy brown.

I like the Big A the few times I've had it, definitely an intense beer but if its fresh its pretty impressive, their beers drop in a hurry though if they're not fresh.

I'm curious how the Hop Stoopid would be on cask! Max's keeps getting it but I haven't seen it at Frisco in forever and Frisco used to just order a ton of it not sure whats gone on with that.

BeerGuy said...

And by Frisco employees I meant Victoria employees although I think its on tap at Frisco now/soon.