March 3, 2010

Victoria Gastro Pub Miscellaneous Pics

1 & 2)Tonight's (Wed 3/4) complete beer menu ahead of the Allagash Beer Dinner

3)Barman Alex's (empty) bottle of the extremely rare The Bruery Black Tuesday

4)Alex showing how much he loves that beer

5)Oh and he also picked up a Russian River Brewing Co. Pliny The Elder for his own uses. Seriously Alex, drink that! Its only fresh for so long.

6)Looks like the Dunkin' Donuts across the way is finally open ...


Steve said...

Did you try the Black Tuesday? I know you've never been one of those EXTREEEEME beer type people ['cept u were drinkin 120 min long before I ever did :)], but as far as imperial stouts go, that stuff is just great. It's not motor oil but it has a nice enough viscosity to it, sweet and major complex malt bill, alcohol not detectable at all... just very good stuff for being 18 or 20% or whatever it is. I was kinda in a rut around that time and didn't care to have anything to do with beer releases, but if I had a bottle I would've sent you one.

BeerGuy said...


No worries on sending one, yeh you've got me pegged as far as most of the extreme stuff. I'll try anything that is in front of me but I don't naturally pursue them.

We've had some fun with Pratt Street Ale House and the various extreme beers he gets and I enjoy doing that especially in small doses but in general the alcohol burn of stuff above 10% or so is rough after more than a few ounces.