July 19, 2010

Flying Dog/Pratt Street "Bad Birds Good Beer" Orioles Pub Stroll!

Its here!

This Saturday I'll be teaming with Oliver Ales Brewing (Pratt Street Ale House) and Flying Dog's Matt Crow for a "Bad Birds/Good Beer" Orioles Pub Stroll.

The Orioles will be playing the Minnesota Twins at 7:05 PM.

The hook is we'll pregame (~5 PM) at Pratt Street AleHouse a few blocks from Camden Yards, enjoying their great beers (with special pricing!) along with brewmaster Stephen Jones.

And then its off to the game to root on our sad, sad baseball team. Good beer will again be available thanks to Flying Dog's IPA being served at several beer carts around Camden.

Afterward, folks are free to break out and take the party to nearby bars (Pickles perhaps, or over at Federal Hill) or head home or whatever suits them. The outing will be lowkey but built around good people and good beer.

I'll purchase group tickets sometime very soon so please email me or reply to this with a head count to RSVP if you'd like to join us for a fun afternoon and evening. Not sure which seating section but I'll try and keep ticket costs down but some of it will be dictated by overall head count and whats available for group seats in the various sections.

As far as ticket cost reimbursement, I'll take cash or PayPal or even a check if you are so inclined, at the time of the event.

Please join us, it will be a good time!


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I know it's a bit late, but, do we still have to pay for the tickets, or are they offering us money to watch them yet?

Ask me about my story of free tickets to Oriole Park earlier this spring......

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