August 1, 2010

Beer Notes

-- Long overdue ...

-- Victoria Gastro Pub is hosting its first-ever "beer brunch" in conjunction with Frederick's Flying Dog Brewery. The event will be on Saturday, August 21st between 10am and 2 pm. The prix fixe menu includes two courses and 5.5 oz tastings of three Flying Dog beers: Woody Creek White "Beermosa", Dog Schwarz Smoked Double Lager and Wild Dog Coffee Stout. The cost is $24/person and although advanced tickets are not required, a reservation is requested where possible.

Full brunch menu, tasting notes and info (.pdf)

-- Maryland Life magazine takes a very positive look at Victoria Gastro Pub both for its cuisine and its beer and bar program.

-- In an article about DC's great beer bar , Birch & Barley/ChurchKey, Baltimore's Pratt Street Ale House beers gets mention as being heavily in the rotation among Birch's five beer engines.

Other PSAH items:

Brewmaster Stephen Jones sent some real ale over to England for a prestigious festival ... and the adventure follows from there.

Oh, and he and his wife recently had a baby! Congrats Steve.

Be sure to contribute to the collection of quality beers in Steve's (community) fridge.

-- Midnight Sun and Beer In Baltimore are reporting that something called "Alewife" will replace Lucy's Irish Pub in downtown. It promises 40 taps and 100 bottles and is part of a string of beer bars created by Daniel Lanigan. Money quote sure to stir some debate:
"There aren’t 2,000 good beers in the world," he said. "There's not even 1,000. We sell 100 bottles of beer because we think that’s the best 100 bottles you can get. That philosophy dictates how we do our menu."
More on Alewife as we get some details ...

-- Meanwhile, Mahaffey's will open something called 'Bistro Rx', a wine-centric restaurant, in Patterson Park.

-- Rams Head is releasing its first-ever Saison Ale on Thursday, August 5th. It will be tapped at 4 PM with limited edition glasses available for $4 plus $1 refills between 4-6 PM.
According to Walter Trifari, Head Brewmaster at Fordham Brewing Company, “Saison Ale is unfiltered, Belgian-style ale that has a brilliant copper hue and cloudy appearance. Lemon peels and Coriander are added to give this brew flavor notes of citrus and spiciness. Additional spiciness comes from the Esters produced naturally during the warm fermentation”.
-- The DuClaw Real Ale Fest details. It will be held Saturday September 11th, which also happens to be an absolutely epic weekend of college football. Plan your schedule wisely.

-- Ace of Cakes star and Baltimore resident Duff Goldman will kick off the opening event at Baltimore Beer Week in the Museum of Industry October 7th.

-- Baltimore Magazine recognized BBG friend Brad Klipner's "Beer In Baltimore" as a top area blog. Well deserved.

-- The Beer Cruiser's website is lookin' nice

-- New local blog: Hops to Harmonics

-- DC Beer interviews Baltimore's Belgian beer expert Chuck Cook.

-- One of my favorites from the otherwise beer wasteland of the Florida gulf coast has arrived in D.C. -- Sweetwater.

-- Definitely needs to be checked out at some point: Meridian Pint, DC's newest beer bar. Check them out if for no other reason the "pour your own" taps built into several tables. This concept has been kicked around for years, usually meeting stiff resistance due to various laws but over time its backers have adapted and Meridian will surely benefit from it.

-- Also new to D.C. -- a brewery called DC Brau.

-- By now I'm sure you've (probably) heard of Brew Dog's latest hype event -- the world's strongest beer called 'The End of History'. The cynics are rolling their eyes but I gotta say I'm enjoying this round, what with stuffed squirrels and something called 'stoats' dressed up as the vessels for your beer. The pictures are amazing.

-- If you're so inclined, check out some of the restaurants owned by the group that produces Evolution Brewing Co.

-- DCist, for reasons unknown but welcome, examines several hop varieties.

-- The next American Homebrewer's Conference will be held in San Diego next year. Go.

-- The Discovery Channel is planning on a beer-themed show starring Dogfish Head's telegenic Sam Calagione along with other brewers and breweries. Cool!

-- Relentless Thirst has some ideas to make C.R.A.B.B. better. Gotta love the new logo! A recent C.R.A.B.B. Carnival shows some potential.

-- The go-to place for making libation better in Maryland.

-- This was fun.

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