December 8, 2010

Frisco Tap House is Open For Business!

Frisco Tap House's long-awaited maiden voyage has arrived.

The Columbia beer emporium opened its doors Tuesday night in somewhat limited fashion. The establishment formerly known as Frisco Grille moved a half mile down the road to its new digs at 6695 Dobbin Road.

Below is a video of the place on opening night.

As you can see things aren't at 100% just yet, with the establishment still waiting for an OK to serve food. However, they were cleared to begin serving alcohol thus the sudden opening. Throughout the night more taps were added, I left with about seven on but owner Adam Carton said he'd probably have about 20 by the end of the evening. Frisco Tap Room's overall tap capacity is 50 taps and they should be hitting that fairly soon especially now that they are allowed to move kegs into their large walk-in cooler.

Barman Keith told me they can fit about 50 people at the bar alone, not including the community table and lounge areas surrounding the bar. Its a much more wide-open space than the previous location which had a sort of "Cheers" vibe with the intimacy of so many patrons often stacked on top of each other at the bar but the extra wiggle room here seems nice.

Food service should begin fairly soon, putting the dining area into use.

The new digs also hold promise as more of a sports bar feel with the eight TV's flanking the massive beer list monitors at dead-center in the bar. The restrooms can now accommodate multiple people as well.

Be sure to stop by this week or sometime soon as they continue to unveil the new menu, additional staff, get around to updating the website and the like.


Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

All good news.
Now all that is left is The Website...and maybe someone to man "The Twitter".

'The intimacy' of the old place actually made me uncomfortable and was a main reason I did not come by as often I as would have, so this is a much better layout. I didn't even think about awesome it will be not to have just a single seater bathroom, that alone is noteworthy.

Anonymous said...

uhmmm - how about an address for the place?

BeerGuy said...

Anonymous, its in the story :)

6695 Dobbin Road

fretless said...

I'm glad to hear that the bar has expanded. I've turned away a few times due to the crowds.

Paul E. Milligan said...

Wednesday night they were serving food--to nearly full house. There were nine beers on tap at 6:30 PM and about a dozen when I left around 8 PM. The menu remains the same for now. I was told that there will be a grand opening with a new menu some time later. The new space is much larger and looks good, though the high ceiling makes it noisier than the previous location. The crowd was enough to take up most of the seating, but no one was waiting for a seat and the service was good. Parking was difficult and could be an issue in the future. My overall impression is positive, and I look forward to future visits.

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