March 23, 2008

$1 Beer

If you're a beer person that headline is never a good start. That's usually Miller/Bud territory at some densely pack joint. I don't mind paying a fair price for a decent beer and some actual oxygen so these kinds of deals are generally avoided.

So it comes as a decent and welcome surprise to find the Turf Valley Golf Resort offering $1 beer (and half-priced burgers) on Tuesday nights after 4 p.m. at their Terrace on the Green Clubhouse Grill. Turf Valley is in Ellicott City, accessible from the 70 or the 40. There's four beers on tap, notably Sam Adams Boston Lager and Blue Moon.

Sammy is old hat for me at this point, but it was one of those introductory beers everyone finds that moves them from the Bud/Miller world into craft beers. It's a good beer, especially at a dollar. Blue Moon is produced by Coors (boooo!), but it has a decent taste and is refreshing and also hard to beat for a buck.

Sometimes the Terrace's bar can get a little crowded on Tuesday nights because of this special, but for the most part you can grab a seat or two and watch some ESPN behind the bar. The clientele is distinctly older, more of the golf crowd for obvious reasons.

Some warning concerning those burgers: twice now out of my several recent trips my medium-rare burgers have come out a little rare even by my tastes and I've had to send them back to get a little more cooked.

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