March 20, 2008


First entries are always difficult in blogs.

Where to begin?

Let's just call this a beer adventure. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about beer, I simply enjoy the taste and the variety of flavors and, yes, the effect. In another life, I spent time in Illinois, Southern California and Florida's Gulf Coast. Now in my mid-20's, I currently call Baltimore, Maryland my home. To be more precise, I live in the Baltimore suburbs, in Howard County.

In my brief time in Maryland, I've quickly realized this is a place that loves beer!

Please don't laugh at the simplicity and innocence of that statement. I loved the Florida Gulf Coast, but when it comes to beers that's a Bud and Miller place. No thanks. Until convinced otherwise, I consider Southern California beer capital, USA. It's where I was first introduced to microbrews, and where I first developed a healthy appetite for actual flavor and variety in beer. Everything else has since been held to that standard.

Fear not people of Baltimore, you're doing great when it comes to beer. In fact, I'm itching to try more and more of what you have to offer.

My Baltimore beer experience is limited to date, but I've tried some of what Clipper City has to offer. I've been to Max's in Fell's Point (for the Belgian Beer Fest!). I've heard of Natty Bo, but have yet to try it (heresy?). I've been to some other places as well, and we'll address all of that in time. Point being: this is a good beer place, I'm happy to be here, and this blog is my (limited) record of that experience. Thank you.

So, where do we go from here?

Off the top of my head, this should be a documentation of my beer experience. Where I'm grabbing a pint. What I'm drinking. What's good. What's bad. What I'm doing right. What I'm doing wrong. And where I should be going.

If I'm fortunate to have a bright reader (or two, or ten), you can help me make this experience more diverse and worthwhile. I would love that. This entry is bordering on narcissism with so many "I"'s, so let us conclude with this:

Thank you for stopping by. Please please please contribute either in comments or email. Baltimore Beer Guy doesn't bite. Promise.

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