March 25, 2008

Summer of Beer

That's the title of my good friend Steve's beer blog. At his site Steve threw some love Baltimore Beer Guy's way today (much appreciated).
Maryland doesn't just do football and crab cakes. They do beer too. So if you have some spare time (and you obviously do if you've found your way to this blog) and you like beer (again...), hop on over to a new blog from The Baltimore Beer Guy
His blog is the inspiration for Baltimore Beer Guy, so if you like it here, a tip of the hat is in order for Summer of Beer Steve. SOB (ha!) is based in sunny Upland, California where it's about 80 degrees today while us Charm City folks battle through a sunny but 45 degree day. Bastard.

So yeh, Steve's a good friend of mine and a full-time pharmacy student. That consumes much of his time but his passion for beer occupies many of those spare minutes when not buried in study materials.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark Summer of Beer. He capably covers an amazing range of beers in perhaps the most fertile craft beer area of the country. Maybe one day he'll even post his pictures from meeting Logan the Beer Thief at Lost Abbey/Port Brewing.

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