April 18, 2008

Baltimore and Prohibition

From the latest edition of the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.

1)On the night the prohibition of beer (through amendment of the Volstead act) effectively ended, brewers from across the region and the nation sent shipments to the White House. Among them, a "five-case consignment from Baltimore's Gunther Brewing Co. by "high-powered touring car".

2)In the words of authors Steve Frank and Arnold Meltzer:
No other state defined the failure of Prohibition better than Maryland, especially in the defiant city of Baltimore. Maryland was the only state to never pass a state enforcement act, proudly labeling itself a wet state and earning the lasting nickname "The Free State".

Unaided by local police, Federal agents trying to enforce Prohibition sometimes found themselves surrounded by angry mobs, pelted with bottles, and occasionally beaten.

Bet you didn't know that!

Personally I'm curious what happened to Gunther Brewing Co., so it's off to Google now.

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