April 20, 2008

More On Gunther Brewing

Gunther Brewing was in business from 1881-1959.

It was started in Baltimore by Bavarian Native George Guenther, in limited production. Eventually, the company gained popularity as it battled with downtown "Brewery Hill" rival National Brewing Company.

Of note, Gunther was an early proponent of canned beer They contributed to the area culture by sponsoring a "Quiz of Two Cities" radio show and heavily promoting the Baltimore Orioles when they arrived in 1954.

Gunther's has changed names several times, notably during Prohibition as the George J. Guenther Mfg. Company making "near beer".

The brewery was later bought in 1959 by the Theodore Hamm brewery, which immediately eliminated Gunther products in the local market. That lasted for three years before Gunther was sold to Schaefer. They then reintroduced Gunther locally as a budget beer, but operations stopped in 1976 and that appears to be the abbreviated Gunther Brewing Company story.

Nice piece of Americana/Baltimoria.

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