November 18, 2008

The Lists Grow

As noted in the most recent entry, Baltimore Beer Guy found Fell's Point dining establishment Todd Conner's to have at least one craft beer on tap, and I've read online several places now that people have found them to be craft beer friendly.

Looking at the website for Ryleigh's in Federal Hill, it seems the've got a few craft beers as well. Needless to say we'll be adding them to the various beer maps and lists on here. If you know of other spots and can vouch for them, feel free to send along an email so they can be added and possibly mentioned.

For example, I've hear rumors that a place along Route 40 in Ellicott City named Jilly's has recently put up some excellent craft beer taps. At some point I'll take a look but if you know more on that or other places, feel free to let Baltimore Beer Guy know.

Kasper on Tap recently pointed out several good beer places that weren't on my radar. Westminster's Buffalo Wild Wings will carry a porter made by a craft brewer and produced by DOG Brewing (headquartered in Westminster but pizza/pub locations in Columbia and Federal Hill downtown).

National brewery chain Gordon Biersch with D.C. and Rockville Md. locations is opening again in Maryland, this time in Annapolis in the Town Center at Parole.

Finally, Beer in Baltimore notes that a beer bar with ties to the great Brewer's Art is opening in Northwest Baltimore. It will be called The Parkside. It will be a restaurant, bakery, market, carrying, deli, kid friendly, basically a lot of things to hopefully a lot of people.

Update: Also, a new burger bistro and bar called the Abbey Burger Bistro in Federal Hill has promise. Anything to do with Abbeys should have some beer ties, particularly Belgian beer right?

We'll note these in Baltimore Beer Guy's various maps and lists soon.

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