December 20, 2008

In The Mail

A nice collection of beer goodies sent from my good friend and California native Steve, who writes the Summer of Beer blog. Many thanks.

One bottle each:

Gueuze Girardin 1882
Lost Abbey Carnevale Ale (a saison/blonde)
Port Brewing 2008 Ne Goeien Saison
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

That is an awesome haul I'll have some fun with as we head closer into the cold Eastern winter.


johntindale said...

Its hard for me to think about summer beers with the cold weather and Christmas around the corner.
I went to Capital City Brewing Company in Shirlington and had a very nice casked stout. Planning on being at Ellicott Mills On Friday the 2nd for a couple new year pulls.

BeerGuy said...

I hear ya, although I had a recent trip out west and the warm (relatively speaking) weather there seemed to activate my yearning for warmer weather beers.

Have a great time at Ellicott Mills. I've bumped into the lead brewer there a few times at other places, nice guy. The Marzen there is always a winner.

Steve said...

Drinking dark and malty in the winter is overrated. It's fun to do a little but its impossible for me to only do that. I kinda fell into that mindset last year but it wasn't for me. Need to sprinkle it in with some great Belgian Pale's, IPA's and such. For me anyway.

BeerGuy said...

Steve, Steve, Steve ... Listen! Who said you could talk ?

I agree to the extent that its not how I plan out my winter drinking, I try to find new stuff within the season to expand my tastes and whatnot but still generally gravitate to what makes me happy which isn't so heavy on the wintery stuff.

That said, most of the winter beers are darn good, just so heavy with the alcohol. Beats all those fall beers anyway :)

Steve said...


Respect Marzen

BeerGuy said...

I do respect Marzen ... at Ellicott Mills.

Its what everyone else does with it in the fall thats making me cringe.