December 20, 2008


I didn't realize this: Baltimore city has Sunday limitations on beer/alcohol sales?
For the next few Sundays, beer, wine and liquor stores will be open for business! I'm not sure how long they will be, or if many people know this. The Wine Source was dead today, and they're only doing this one more Sunday and that's it. And you probably don't even care if you live in Howard County where you can buy this stuff on Sundays anyway. But for those of us in town, it's a nice, if brief, change.
Blue laws strike again.

I was just about to write on this and it looks like the Sun has taken notice as well: Blob's Park getting nearer to its opening. At its website there is the following note:
Check this website next Wednesday (12/24/2008) to find out if we'll be open for New Year's Eve. I'm working at a fever pitch doing everything in my power to make this happen, but it's still not certain at this point. Thanks for your patience.
The Baltimore Sun reviews Canton's Hudson Street Stackhouse and notes the following:
Belgian and German labels dominate an impressively curated beer list
Looking at the picture in the article there are some decent taps with Hoegaarden, a Troegs handle, looks like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a Boddingtons Pub Ale, Guinness, what looks like a Leffe and a few others. It has potential.

Charles "Chuck" Cook, a Maryland native and esteemed beer writer writes Belgian Beer and Travel and it is now linked here at Baltimore Beer Guy. His most recent entry is about a trip to Belgium to observe the Lambic breweries and blenderies. How exciting!

Heroes Pub, not sure its been mentioned or linked on here. Its near Annapolis, claims to have 48 taps. Anyone been there/can vouch for it? I'll add it to the maps and lists soon and hopefully visit at some point.

The venerable Brickskeller in Washington D.C. just cobbled together a ridiculous amount of winter beers (140+ bottles), hurry down to them in Dupont Circle to enjoy a few, the list is way too long to post on here but there's a post in Beer Advocate's Mid-Atlantic forum documenting a good number of the offerings while they last.

Columbia's great bottle shop The Perfect Pour is doing a broadly defined "Holiday Favorites" tasting Saturday from 3-7 PM. Be sure to swing by.

Mahaffey's in Canton notes that they will open late on Christmas eve and at 6 PM on Christmas Day.

This is a little late but DuClaw's Venom Pale Ale is back for a limited time, they started pouring at all locations on Wednesday until whenever its gone.

At Victoria Gastro Pub there will be a few special events for Beer Club members only. Be sure to sign up and ask as I don't want to give everything away but Monday night they'll have something neat going on from 6-8 PM and then they'll open some very rare bottles on New Year's Eve if you join Victoria's (pricey) New Years Eve party.

This may also be a bit old but hopefully ongoing, reduced price Heavy Seas t-shirts ($9.99) and pint glasses ($1.99) at Clipper City while supplies last.

Todd Conner's in Fell's Point is offering $1.50 Natty Boh's anytime it snows in Fells Point. Quite the hook. did the Flying Dog tasting room thing which reminds me I need to get back there hopefully soon, its a great time. Oh, and Clipper City, a tour I have yet to take.

"Belgian Beer" tag on Flickr. Awesome.

This has potential.

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