March 25, 2009

Call To Arms

OK so ...

Just tinkered around a bit with the Howard County Beer Map, updated it a bit, moved the markers around a bit, just made it more usable. My question to you is, is it up to date? Are there any places that ought be removed (I took several down today) or that should be added -- be it beer/wine/liquor stores, or bars?

Is Carpe Vinum in Ellicott City still open? Whats the name of the wine place just across from The Judges Bench, relatively new? Do they have decent beer selection?

What about places like TGI Friday's and Michael's Pub in Columbia, are they worthy or are their beers fairly standard? How about the Columbia Ale House?

And what do people think of Buffalo Wild Wings? I've heard they carry a decent tap beer selection but obviously haven't been to any in the area, not that there's any in Howard County but speaking generally here.



Dick said...

Like the map, but, as someone who lives on Main Street, it has its obvious omissions.

Yes, Carpe Vinum is still open. He just has really random hours.

The Wine Bin is the place across from the Judges Bench. It has a pretty wide selection of specialty beers.

Pure Wine Cafe is about to open where Annabel's used to be (if you want to include wine places).

Diamondback Tavern?

Sharky's (above Johnny's Bistro)?

Rumor Mill?

Cacao Lane?

La Palapa?

The Trolley Stop?

Kelsey's Restaurant And Irish Pub?

This is not to mention other places that have bars but aren't usually where I go to get a drink (Jordan's, Tersiguel's).

Hope this helps!

BeerGuy said...

Thanks Dick!

Quick question though, of those places, how many are craft beer friendly? Not just pouring Bud/Miller/Coors?

I'll definitely add The Wine Bin, I forgot to stop over there and take a peek last time I was at Judges Bench.

Excellent re: Pure Wine Cafe, the place before it supposedly did some beer stuff, thats another place I'll have to stick my nose in and see whats available and if its mapworthy.

Completely blanked on Diamondback, too. I'll add them too.

Dick said...

Of all those places I mentioned, the Rumor Mill is the only place with special beers, as it carries Asian brews. The rest pretty much have the standard fare, i.e. Kelsey's has Irish stuff, La Palapa has Mexican, etc. The Trolley Stop, however, is the only bar on Main where you can't find more than just Bud/Miller/Coors (and rednecks).

Hah, and have you been to the Blue Sky Cafe? I'm not sure as to what they serve, but, from peering in the window a few times, I have a feeling that it and the massage parlor next door are connected in the back room...