March 26, 2009

Excellent Link

I highly recommend visiting Its been a great primer for me on various establishments in the area.

Its not comprehensive, but it covers most of the main stops. How many of those mentioned locally (in the Baltimore, Maryland and Annapolis sections) have you visited?

I've hit up the Old Stein Inn in Annapolis, but have yet to make my way to Galway Bay or Heroes Pub.

Yes for Victoria Gastro Pub, Judge's Bench, Bertha's, Frisco Grille, Grand Cru, Ale Mary's, Max's, Mahaffey's Pub, Wharf Rat (Fells Point), John Steven Ltd., The Owl Bar. If you want my thoughts on any of these and they have yet to be mentioned here, let me know, I'm happy to oblige.

No for The Parkside, Hamilton Tavern, Elliot's Pour House, Muggsy's Mug House, Metropolitan Coffeehouse, No Idea Tavern, Phoenix Emporium, Ropewalk Tavern, Baltimore Taphouse, Racers Cafe, Duda's Tavern, Dog Pub (Federal Hill), Royal Mile Pub.

So yeah, there's a lot more places to see still. And review.


Chodite said...

Grrreat freakin site!
Thanks for sharing.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...
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Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

The ONLY places on your lists that I HAVEN'T visited are Heroes Pub and No Idea. And, of course, I can add more if I ever get time.

BeerGuy said...


You just work on being in full health, we know you'll know the remaining places down in short order :)