March 28, 2009


--- Added MALT and the Maryland Homebrewers Guild to the links at right under "Home Brewing". To be honest I know exactly nothing about either group so if a representative is in the house and would like to add more, feel free to comment below or drop me a line and we'll see if there's a way to deliver pertinent information in a condensed format on here.

--- Also added (The) Thirsty Brewer's website. Is The Brew Pot in Bowie, MD still open? How about Danny's Home Brew in Leonardtown?

--- Howard County Beer Map update coming in just a few minutes, thanks Dick for the helpful comment.

--- Columbia's Second Chance Saloon has added a tap list (and bottle list) to its website. For that, I'll merrily add it to the prestigious "Online Beer Lists" section on the menu at right. Hopefully they dutifully keep it up, and hopefully that Milwaukee's Best tap won't scare the beer geeks.

--- Also, we're tentatively adding the online beer list at Taps, although its still mostly the regular stuff we spot Stone, Dogfish Head, Magic Hat, Clipper City and Flying Dog. And, with a little navigating (Home -> Menu -> Draught Beers) you can find the same at John Steven Ltd. And yes, they carry PBR to go with their much-coveted Brewer's Art Resurrection account. Oh, how we love Baltimore.

--- Oh, and we're also adding The Abbey Burger Bistro (.pdf). EVERY establishment that cares about beer should have 1)an online beer list that 2)is updated within the hour. It doesn't hurt to add style, location, ABV, information like that if possible. If you build it, the beer geeks will come.

--- UPDATE! Add Lures in Crownsville/Annapolis to the mix!

--- "Free Beer". At the 31st Annual Clyde's American 10K. I haven't been at Clyde's in a loooong time, I know they had a couple Stone taps on when I was there though, hopefully they're keeping things up and being craft friendly with the 10 or so taps they have. Feel free to rat them out on here if not, heh.

--- Not that I advise abusing yourself too often in the name of great beer, but here are some hangover cures from around the world as seen in a recent National Geographic (my Mom tore the page out and thought of you, dear BBG readers):

Coffee in Italy, pickled plums in Japan, tomato juice and eggs in the good ol' US of A, tripe soup in Romania (pass), salt in Denmark, sour pickle juice in Poland, strong green tea in China, beer in the Netherlands, shrimp in Mexico (for when you're crudo) and leafy birch branches, while whipping the hung over subject, in a sauna, in Russia.

--- Ruddy Duck, a rare brewery out in the more Chesapeak-y areas of Maryland (for lack of a better term) in Solomons Island, is holding a job fair for all positions at the Hilton Garden Inn right next door to their facility - 13100 Dowell Rd., Dowell Md, 20629 on April 8th from 10 AM to 2 PM and April 9th from 10 AM to 2 PM and 6 PM to 8 PM.

One day, we promise, they will open. In the meantime you can go to the website and have a slightly agitated duck randomly quack at you while looking at construction photos.

--- As first reported at Rob Kasper's site but finally arriving in my inbox, there will be a one night only screening on April 16th of a documentary film about the craft beer industry called "Beer Wars". Several suburban theatres will present the film so be sure to check that out and report back what you thought of it. That or make an event of it although my weak bladder and sitting at a theatre for more than an hour after having a beer or two beforehand is not the best of ideas.

The participating theatres are:

Regal's Bel Air 14, Bowie Crossing 14, Snowden Square 14, Germantown 14 and AMC's Columbia Mall 14 and Owings Mills 17. Tickets can be purchased online. Any of those theatres stand out as most comfortable? I know the Columbia pair are the closest to where I live.

--- DuClaw writes to correct that although Colossus will be released on 4/1, it will not come numbered and signed by brewmaster Jim Wagner, apologies for the inconvenience.

--- There will be a Brewer's Alley beer dinner at Victoria Gastro Pub (.pdf link) on April 14th starting at 6:30 PM for $85 (10% discount for beer club members).

--- Be sure to check out and bookmark the brand new "Beer in Baltimore".com website. Welcome to the Maryland/Baltimore beer blogging community!

--- The Baltimore Snacker reviews The Wine Source and finds them carrying Southern Tier and Brewer's Art. Nice.

--- Join the fight. Seriously, this state is ridiculous in prohibiting the private shipment of beer and wine in and out of its borders. Backwards, even.

--- Self-service beer taps, as seen at Beer in Baltimore. This has potential, but I don't see it ever fully taking off. This kind of idea is exactly why alcohol is regulated as it is, and its right at the edge of being overcomplicated and user-unfriendly. A few years ago a hotel bar in San Diego had planned to add a few of these but the state stepped in at the last minute and put the kibosh on the whole thing.

--- SPBW membership gets you deep, deep discounts at Red Brick Station. Nice. Pub Dog may open a third location in Fells Point near Max's, where the former Admiral's Cup was (great location, potentially!). Its too bad Mr. Mitchell's limited in his beer access of late due to health, I want to say his site's really gotten good the last few months, the man definitely finds his way around town and uncovers the (beer) goods.

--- Via the great HowChow, Greg from Food and Wine Blog reviewed Ellicott Mills Brewing Co. and came away less than impressed. That's too bad, I don't go there as often as I should, but its not terrible for beer. For a beer geek, those oddly shaped taster glasses really don't do their beers justice nor does a flight. Sometimes you have to sit down and take in a few pints over a few visits and single out the one or two or three that you find suitable, it helps put them in perspective. Regardless, Greg also does excellent work in his own way, hits up some interesting spots and posts notes on his own home brewing activities.

--- What are your perfect 5.0 beers?

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Chodite said...

Heeeey thanks for the shout!

Looking very forward to the April 16th screening of Beer Wars Live! Me and a few of the Honeygo Beer Nutz will be checking it out at the Regal Cinemas in Bel Air. Let me know if you'd like to join up.

Of course there will be a beerfest of our own afterwards.

- Brad/Chodite