April 26, 2009

Get Your Glassware

I have a friend who might possibly maybe sorta be in the market for specific beer glassware like perhaps a tulip glass without an annoying logo.

Its just me, but I recommend these guys. They'll even throw in a few coasters.


Steve said...

LOL, you're funny, every once in a while. haha

Steve said...

second of all, I have looked at this site like 10 times before today and haven't found that specific tulip glass you have. Maybe I'm blind or something.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I see now. I was always looking under "undecorated" and the damn thing is really under "specialty"

BeerGuy said...


HoCoJoe said...

I have a set of the Tulip Pint glasses, that I love, from them.

The only issue is they are not the best on communication if your glass goes on back order, so you might wait a while without knowing what is going on.