April 28, 2009

Picture Dump

Beer Wars screening

I don't have too much (belated) commentary to add. It was nice to see a movie about the beer industry though. It inspired a lot of conversation at Frisco Grille immediately afterward, and I think the opinions were quite balanced and informed listening to everyone.

There were certain Michael Moore-esque elements to the movie, and a couple people essentially said the same thing that it could have lifted the story back just a bit more. That is, reveal more to how all the players go about things, the distributors, etc. instead of the simplified good vs. bad storyline.

But it was informative, I certainly don't know a great deal about the mechanics behind how this all comes together. I'm sure it was old hat for many viewers but I learned some things.

The real stars were clearly Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione and Stone's Greg Koch. Both are charismatic to put it mildly, great faces for the industry and their companies.


Steve said...

oh, you didn't get a shot snapped of your cameo at the beginning? bummer

BeerGuy said...