May 19, 2009

Picture Dump

1)Frisco Grille's gone biker friendly, at least on alternating Mondays, started just yesterday.

2)Also, be sure to sign up for the extremely limited Frisco Grille trip to Flying Dog on June 5th, I believe the cost is $25, you get to rid to/from Frisco in the custom Flying Dog van, with tasting, tours, cookout, etc. Looks like a great time.

3,4)Um, duplicates? Oh yeah, mug! That tattered booklet needed 100 unique beers and the 100th being a shotgunned Natty Boh (worst idea ever, but hey its tradition), all signed off by one of the main bartenders, and then you join the mug club, ~3 extra ounces of beer with each pour. Inquire within Frisco Grille to get your booklet and start that journey.

5,6)A couple Chimay whites at Kali's Court in Fells Point. I was thrilled they had appropriate glassware.

7)The Lagunitas Correction Ale.

1 comment:

BaltimoreMan said...

I just had the Correction Ale last night at Max's. Very good beer.