May 21, 2009

Travel Day One (Part I)

Care to guess where? Details to explain the pics soon.

1)Southwest travel mag had a lengthy feature on Baltimore

2)Stopover in Denver, Boulder Brewing's IPA and Pale Ale

3)Snow capped mountains somewhere in the American west

4)The guy looked like President Obama

5)One of those weird Go Cars, somehow street legal

6)Moonlight Brewing's Twist of Fate bitter at the famous Toronado in San Francisco, yum

7)Twist of Fate and Pliny the Elder, Toronado

8)Its hard to see, but the clock in the corner says Guenther Brewing, a former native of Maryland

9)A delicious sausage sandwich from Rosamunde's next door to the Toronado


Steve said...

I can guess right each pic, but I'll leave it as a challenge if others want to chime in.

All I wanna know was, was the guy making your sausage wearing a wife beater while drinking a Speakeasy Bid Daddy IPA out of a bottle?

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Lessee...... Fisherman's Wharf, Toronado....... San Francisco.

Steve said...

and that looks like a Boulder Pale Ale and Amber Ale in the 2nd picture.

BeerGuy said...

Yep, not too hard to guess :)