October 6, 2009

Beer Notes

-- Just added captions/explanations for the bevy of pics in the posts below. I spent last Friday jumping around from Frederick to downtown to sneak in a few beer visits. Its pretty cool what one can do on a tank of gas and with a little energy to enjoy good beer in Maryland.

-- Now on tap at the great Brewer's Art: their new Clamper's Ale, described on their Twitter link as 'draft brewed w/Sorachi Ace hops and lemon peel!' Mmmm. Also: their Coup De Boule, Le Canard Belgian brown and Virgo (see here) the first in a monthly Zodiac series of pale ales. Oh and their new Autumn menu was released not long ago, yay menu variety.

-- Speaking of Twitter, be sure to follow my MDbeerspotter Twitter account, I try to repost interesting items and there's some cool interaction going on with other local beer geeks, beer writers, beer reps, breweries, bars, and so on.

-- Here's the FULL Baltimore Beer Week schedule. Great stuff.

-- Beer and food pairings (so DC!) from Metrocurean -- Orr Shtuhl and Melanie Corbett.

-- The New York Times spends 36 hours in Baltimore and smartly makes a pit stop at Brewer's Art.

-- Alexander Mitchell (Beer In Baltimore) is killin' it this week. Metropolitan Coffeehouse Beer Week events, more info on the opening day events for Baltimore Beer Week, Christmas beers (they're comin'!).

-- Gilly's down in Rockville is hosting its second annual 'Gillys-Tober-Fest on Saturday October 10th from 4-7 PM. All listed beers (below) will be available to sample free. Some of the craft brews will only be sold by the pint. There will be sales, tons of glassware, and a fun overall experience. Seriously this is a cool little sandwich shop/deli with a couple rotating taps and a really cool selection of bottled beers (and glassware) and wines. They even let you open any purchased refrigerated beers to go with your food (for a small corking fee, free on Thursdays)

Brooklyn Oktoberfest & Post Road Pumpkin
Southern Tier Pumpking
Dogfish Punkin
Sam Adams Octoberfest, Imperial White, Cherry Wheat, Boston Lager
Clipper City Prosit!, Big DIPA, The Great Pumpkin
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest, Double Dog Pale Ale, Tire Bite Golden, Doggie Style Pale Ale
Becks Oktoberfest
Starr Hill Festie & Northern Lights

-- Bad Decisions' raved-about 'Bacon & Beer Happy Hour' is returning (Edition VI) on Tuesday October 20th from 2-close. Its a big party with an all-bacon menu and bacon themed libations.

-- Just ... dammit. On Monday DC's Brickskeller let loose a couple bottles of Lost Abbey's Red Barn, a Saison style and one of my favorite beers, ever.

-- OK that's all for now, Baltimore Beer Week is finally here! Keep the emails, Tweets and other communication going, cheers.

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