October 6, 2009

Brewers Art

1)And finally from last Friday, a stop at the great Brewer's Art. I just had to try their new pale, first in a 'Zodiac' series (Virgo). Not bad, nice malt/hop balance plus that distinctly odd flavor Brewer's Art beers have (is it the water?). Also, a taster of the '13', hard to describe.

2)The handles. I just love their handles (L to R) Coup De Boule, Le Canard, '13', Ozzy and Resurrection.

3)Zoomed in Le Canard, its a devil duck! Love it.

4)The somewhat new Banh Mi sandwich, really good although it took me forever to chew through the bread. Basically a pork loin sandwich with daikon slaw, butter lettuce, sriracha aioli, cilantro.

5)A zoom-in of the ingredients, came out blurry.

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