January 30, 2010

Beer Notes

-- Heavy Seas owner Hugh Sisson explains the various branding decisions made lately that have many folks (perhaps unnecessarily) up in arms. We wish the company well but to keep with the nautical theme, these are perhaps uncharted waters. Read it in entirety.

-- Straight outta Twitter land, Flying Dog's Jim Lutz says 24 of their newly purchased firkins have been loaded with Doggie Style Pale Ale and are ready to ship in two weeks. GOOD times.

New Flying Dog events:

An updated list of "Bitch Sessions"/Tweetups in New York City, Frederick, Bel Air, Washington D.C. and Fredericksburg, VA.

At Sean Bolan's in Bel Air super-rep Matt Crow will be on hand from 7-9 PM with the Raging Bitch, Doggie Style and their awesome new one-off Coffee Stout, as well as the Double Dog on nitro.

In DC they'll hold it at the great Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown. From 5-7 PM enjoy Raging Bitch, Gonzo, Double Dog and a TBA cask. The first 20 people to 'tweet' their arrival (to @FlyingDogJT and w/ #BitchSession hash tag) will receive a free beer of their choice and a Flying Dog glass.

2010 Bowl Bash on Super Bowl Sunday at Frederick Indoor Sports Center. For $20 you get two Flying Dog beer tickets and all you can eat pizza and wings, with part of the proceeds donated to 'Hope in Richmond, South Africa'.

A correction to the most recent "Beer Notes" the Flying Dog firkin at Alonso's will be on March 5th, not 3rd. Another correction, the Flying Dog "Beer Club" event at Lures has been switched to March 9th (previously Mach 16th). Please adjust plans accordingly!

-- A reminder: check out the condensed events list for beer events going on in the coming days and weeks ... exciting times!

-- Rams Head Tavern is having its "Spring Buck" (Belgian blonde flavored with honey and hints of chamomile and orange) beer release on Thursday February 4th from 4-6 PM at the various Rams Head restaurants. The beer will come in $4 special event glassware with $1 refills, be sure to check that out!

Please note also that they've changed the URL of their blog, which has been reflected and remedied in the "Maryland Beer Blogs" links section on the menu at right.

-- Our friend Brad (BeerInBaltimore.com) is the new Mid-Atlantic writer for Ale Street News so look for his updates in the latest issue that has apparently hit the bars and retailers.

He also notes that RateBeer.com has released its "best of" list for 2010. Local notables:

Flying Dog #92 brewery
Max's #23 Beer Beer Bar
Frisco Grille #46 Best Beer Bar
Brewer's Art #37 Best Brewpub

ALL are very deserving, congratulations.

My one disagreement and something that has stirred a quiet rebellion I'm sure on both Rate Beer and Beer Advocate: the raw dominance of imperial stouts, which tend to dominate the "best beer" lists. Ridiculous, in my mind, and perhaps a bit of herd mentality more than wisdom of crowds at work.

-- Beer superstore The Perfect Pour in Columbia is offering a 6-pack beer sampler including a Perfect Pour tote: Nora Birreria, La Binchoise Brune, Heavy Seas DIPA, Biere De Miel, Jerome Cerveza Diablo and Green Flash Grand Cru for $58.29 through their email list. New arrivals - Dominion variety 12 pack and Mountain Pale Ale, Gordon Biersch Maibock, DuClaw Colossus.

-- Another local (hopefully beer, mostly cocktail) blog: The Noble Experiment. Oh hell, one more - BeersForDinner.com. Its an explosion of local beer blogging and writing, I tell ya!


Steve said...

the change in branding by Clipper City I think is pretty cool.

Brad said...

The only people complaining about the change to Heavy Seas are the local folks. Outside of this area, the "Clipper City" branded beers were not shipped. They were all Heavy Seas. So the move makes perfect sense, when considering they ship to over 20 states. It's just this state who doesn't seem to really get it.

P.S: though I didn't have the balls to express my thoughts on the Imperial Stouts and their list dominance, I agree with you. Though I LOVE a quality Imp. Stout, there are many, many other great beers and styles which should be up there.

Anonymous said...

I am local and get it? I get that Hugh made too many Brands (4 at one time)and confused the beer market. Without local support he would not have been able to expand out of the state. Sadly this could be harming to the Heavy Seas Brand if people outside the state that have come to know the Heavy Seas line as a 'Higher Quality' (Higher Alcohol)specialty beer line. Will people that are used to Imperial Pilsners, Uber Abbeys and Weizenbocks etc. be happy with a middle of the road Pale ale, Blonde(Gold)Ale or Marzen that will be 'sneaked in' under the Heavy Seas moniker?


BeerGuy said...

And there we have it, the other side of the coin.

I'm glad there's a range of really good views on this, not really taking too much of a stand either way other than saying I'm just not bothered by the Clipper City move too much.