June 30, 2010

Mahaffey's Latest

Normally I'll simply summarize the email but this week as a special treat for those who aren't on the email list (sign up at the bar) I'll reproduce in entirety one of Wayne's emails. They're odd but a nice treat at the inbox every midweek.

- - - - -

Wow. June 30th. Time is flying. Went to a weding over the weekend with college buddies and realized that we are now the age that their parents were when we met. What happened? How long have the IHOP syrup dispensers been plastic? I was looking forward to the sliding metal lids. And how long has boysenberry syrup been gone? Where have I been? It's like I've slept for 20 years.Captain Jean-Luc Picard said, "Make now the most precious time. Because now will never come again." Amen. It is a common mistake for boys of your age and athletic ability to underestimate men who have reached their maturity. Women frequently find older men attractive, strange as it may seem. I myself am over fify. I am a bachelor. And I do not, by any means, consider myself th-r-ough.

Anybody hear of the Cardinal Climax? It's the alignment of several planets with Earth that peaks on 8/1 of this year. This alignment hasn't happened for probably 10,000 years and is expected to cause things to get really wacky just as people are affected by full moons. Stocks could plummet. Stuff is predicted to hit the fan. You heard it here first, folks.

Special bomber tonight: Rogue John John Juniper Ale, which is their regular Juniper pale ale aged in spruce gin barrels. Crazy. A little cucumberish, a big blast of juniper and an oaky finish makes this beer truly unique. About 6%. Can't go any lower than $14. A steal!!!!!!!!!

Good with 50 cent hot buffalo wings.

End of the Trail Party tomorrow. The last keg of Troegs Rugged Trail Nut Brown Ale and some other Troegs beers as well.

Fiery Pig Roast and Beer Dinner coming up on 7/10 at 4PM. $40. Make your reservations now!

Big announcement: Mahaffey's will be closed from Saturday, 8/14 through Friday, 8/20. We will be re-opening on Saturday, 8/21 at 5PM.

The winner of last week's movie line trivia was Ben Morris, who correctly identified "48 Hours". I'll take correct anwer #5 this week. For all of you beer club rookies, I sneak in a line from a movie in these E-Mails. So, if you read something really bizarre, it's probably the movie quote. Then again...

Big, big, big news coming soon. Have a safe week. Stay thirsty, my friends.


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