July 14, 2010

Flying Dog Woody Creek Wit, Meet Time Magazine

Time sat down with a Beer Sommelier in New York to try some summer beers, and local boys Flying Dog made the cut with their Woody Creek Wit. Local mainstays Southampton, Stoudts and Magic Hat are also mentioned.


HowChow said...

I almost bought this on Sunday and retreated at the last minute for my old standby Shiner. Now I need to go back to Perfect Pour.

BeerGuy said...

Try the "Beermosa" if you pick some up, mix perhaps 1/3 OJ with 2/3 Woody Creek, surprisingly good.

Cass said...

Picked this up at Perfect Pour this past Friday. I do love my Hoegaarden, but I quite enjoyed the Woody Creek. I liked that it wasn't as spiced as, say, Allagash White, too.