March 15, 2010

The Great Resurrection Hunt

The Baltimore Sun's Sam Sessa recently asked what establishments have the cheapest Brewer's Art Resurrection on tap. I'm more curious, given its scarcity and huge waiting list, if we can't cobble together the full list of establishments with permanent (or damn close) accounts with Brewers Art to supply the stuff.

Based on my own findings and other establishments mentioned in Sessa's post, here's an incomplete list. Please comment below to help fill in the blanks.

Brewers Art
Frisco Grille
Greene Turtle (Columbia)
Hon Bar/Cafe Hon
Bill Batemans
One Eyed Mikes
Captain Larry's
Baltimore Taphouse
Hamilton Tavern
Rocket to Venus (maybe)
The Parkside (maybe)
The Pickled Parrot
Annabel Lee Tavern
Hull Street Blues Cafe
Red Star
Emerald Tavern


Caederus said...

Greene Turtle (Columbia) has Resurrection? I had never set foot in the place assuming it to be a BMC bastion. I guess I'm wrong.

plank10 said...

also Hull Street Blues Cafe

Jay Zeis said...

I believe Annabel Lee has it on tap as well.

BeerGuy said...


Yep, oh Greene Turtle Columbia last I checked (two years ago mind you) was a BMC palace, but they inexplicably had a Rezzie account.


TOTALLY forgot Annabel Lee, they definitely have a Resurrection account, thanks.



BeerChan said...

Red Star in Fell Point

Steve said...

Alonso's has it. $2 pints during happy hour

BeerGuy said...

Thanks BeerChan, Steve!

Matt said...

The Emerald Tavern
Hamilton Tavern

Anonymous said...

Batemans is charges 5 or 6 bucks for a pint, and it tastes like they've never cleaned their lines.

John said...

Speaking of Resurrection, is Brewers Art still bottling it? I've never been able to find it at liquor stores out here in Columbia/Ellicott City.

Caederus said...


Try Pine Orchard Liquors (just past the enchanted Forest on 40) they had some about 2 weeks ago. Also try Jason's (also on 40). They carry a good stock of Brewers Art.

Muggsy's Fed Hill said...

hey as much as i would like to claim that i have res on tap Muggsy's unfortunately does not. dont want to mislead anyone. i would love to have it. i'm praying to the beer gods that hopefully you have some insider info i'm not aware of and it will be at Muggsy's soon. we do have a ton of other good beers come check us out thanks guys.